Our Services

Sell side services

Our sell side services and the process follow key steps and best practices typical in Mergers & Acquisitions. The Excendio difference comes from our market insights and time-tested creative negotiation approaches specific to the industry, which allow us to customize each step to best fit our clients’ goals and highest priorities when selling their business:

These are our clients’ key goals when preparing to sell the business:

  • Address personal, family, employee, and customer needs
  • Maximize the proceeds
  • Find the right partner for the business; for most owners, the price is just one of the factors determining a successful transaction
  • Minimize their effort during the sale process; eliminate disruptions, focus on business
  • Maintain confidentiality both internally and in the market

Buy side services

Advise on formulating acquisition strategies; determine potential synergy potential; identify key trends in the industry and the role acquisitions can play; define goals; identify and solicit targets; help in determining a market valuation; participate in developing the offer and conducting negotiations; facilitate due diligence; advise on communications and post-acquisition integration