The Team


Confidence – Belief
Faith – Reliance


Credibility – Accuracy
Genuineness – Truth


Center – Heart
Sharp – Bedrock – Crisp


Founder and Managing Director

Cristian Anastasiu came to Mergers and Acquisition naturally. Prior to founding Excendio Advisors and a successful career in IT M&A, he was an operator – as CEO and sales executive, a buyer and a seller of several technology companies ranging from Fortune 100 to middle market and startup.

Since 1999, Cristian participated in more than 80 transactions involving sellers with revenues in the $5 million to $150 million range in IT Services and Software. His experience includes acquiring and integrating companies for Cisco and leading the effort to sell the ERP provider BRAIN to Infor as CEO.

Over the years, Cristian has earned a reputation for relentlessly pursuing his clients’ best interests and for his industry insights.

Before his role in Mergers & Acquisitions, Cristian served as CEO and President for BRAIN North America, a unit of a global ERP and Supply Chain Management software provider. Cristian positioned the company to fetch a premium for its parent company when it was acquired by Infor, who became the third largest ERP vendor worldwide after SAP and Oracle.

At Cisco, Cristian was Director of Worldwide Sales Operations. Some of his responsibilities included acquisition integration, global account management and advanced services sales. Prior to that, Cristian was the Sales Manager for Cisco’s Financial Services sales organization and built a $100 million operation. He received the “Cisco Sales Manager of the Year” award.

Cristian has served in various other management positions for technology companies like Gupta Technologies and ITT Semiconductors. He is a gifted communicator and problem solver.

Cristian holds an MSEE from the Technical University Darmstadt and an MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. He is a Fulbright Alumnus and a published author in numerous professional journals.


Senior Advisor

Simon has an extensive background in R&D and technology management. He started his career with roles at AT&T Unix Labs and Siemens.

As an entrepreneur and CTO, Simon led the growth and helped scale Kemp Technologies, a Load Balancing and Application Delivery Appliance leader. Under his leadership the company evolved from a startup into a highly successful global player backed by VCs and later PEs.

Simon co-founded Roach & Stolz, where he was instrumental in developing standardized best practice approaches to conducting software technology and IT due diligence assessments for the investor community in the US and Europe, successfully leveraged globally for pre and post-acquisition scenarios.

Today, with a deep hands-on foundation in Mergers & Acquisitions, Software Technology & Innovation, People & Culture and Process & Organization Building, Simon provides advice and coaching for technology leaders around the world.


Senior Advisor

Michael is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

He founded, successfully scaled and exited Yuxi Pacific, a Big Data services company that developed software to empower publishers to reuse their existing content to build new products and generate new revenue.

Michael has invested in 12 early stage companies. Many of those companies have had successful exits, including Lex Paradigm, Plum Analytics and LiftDNA. He is currently an investor and active at Ziotag, a NY based startup that uses media contextualization and artificial intelligence to change how the world publishes and consumes video content.

Michael has extensive international experience and has been active throughout the years in businesses outside the US in Europe, Asia and South America. He is a respected speaker on topics like Big Data and AI, a mentor and has founded non-profit groups that support early childhood education.